CNC Machined Steel Muffler Brackets for Automotive Industry

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The Muffler Brackets are welded to the muffler and then to the vehicle to hold the muffler in place. The Brackets are made from .500" 1008C mild steel but could also be made from stainless steel if rust proofing is necessary. The CNC makes the Brackets easy to redesign and offers us a lot of flexibility especially in low volume quantities. The Brackets were redesigned in house to eliminate the need for the flat stock bracket eliminating two parts and making the muffler more stable on the vehicle. The three new parts are similar to the old parts except they are a little longer and conform to the muffler to make the welding process more efficient. Overall the new design is an improvement over the original by making the muffler stronger, faster to weld, and cheaper because of the elimination of two other parts.

Project Highlights for CNC Machined Steel Muffler Brackets

Product Description:
Muffler Brackets
Material Diameter:
Material Used:
1008C Cold Drawn Mild Steel
Industry Used:
6,000 pcs EAU
Design Work:
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