Custom Wireforming of Lawnmower Bail Stamping

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This Lawnmower Bail is used to control the throttle and self-propelled (if applicable) on a standard push/walk behind lawnmower. The bail is made from 1018C mild steel and is later powder coated black to withstand the elements and look aesthetically pleasing. The tooling required to make and maintain the bail is all made in house by our engineers to keep the part to a .020" spec. Originally the Bail had to be wire formed in the four slide for forming, and loaded into two hydraulic presses by hand one after the other for the flattening and hole piercing. The new design is still formed in the four slide however an automated process which uses a pick and place robot guides the Bail from one die to another in a single hydraulic press eliminating the second hydraulic press and an employee. The new process does not eliminate any material but eliminates costs through less machinery, less employee interaction, and a faster run rate.

Project Highlights for Custom Wireforming of Lawnmower Bail Stamping

Product Description:
Lawnmower Bail that controls the throttle on a push lawnmower.
Four Slide to Pick N Place robot to Hydraulic Press
Material Diameter:
Material Used:
1018C Mild Steel
Industry Use:
Lawn and Garden
Material Finish
Powder Coat Black
800,000 pcs EAU
Delivery Location:
Various Locations in the USA
Design Work:

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