Custom Manufacturing of Wire Lawnmower Bag Frame

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This lawnmower bag frame, manufactured by Active Wireworks, is used to support a lawnmower bag and keep it open to collect the cut grass. After the bag frame is complete, the frame is plated with a zinc and yellow finish. Next, the bag is attached, followed by a plastic hinging flange, and the assembly is complete. The frame is made of 1018C mild steel on a CNC machine, and work is done in-house kept to a tolerance spec of .020". The bag frame was redesigned by Active Wire engineers to reduce production time and material by eliminating welds and excess support. The original bag frame had 18 welds, which were reduced to 12 by changing the design of the bag frame: this change reduced the amount of material used by 8%. When the bag frames are complete, the frames are packaged in a custom sized box to maximize the number of frames that can be shipped at a time. For more information, please contact Active Wireworks.

Project Highlights for Wire Lawnmower Bag Frame

Product Description:
Wire lawnmower bag frame used in push / walk behind lawn mowers to collect the cut grass.
Material Diameter:
.312" Diameter
Material Used:
1018C Mild Steel
Material Finish:
Zinc and Yellow non-hexavalent chromate (passivate) protective coating ASTM B117 (96 hour salt spray)
Secondary Operations:
Resistance welding assembly
Industry for Use:
Lawn and Garden
225,000 assemblies a year
Delivery Time:
Delivery Location:
Multiple USA locations
1,000,000 pcs EAU
Product Name:
Bag Frame 21"
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